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Hi! I'm Roisin Halfar, RN, Nationally Certified and Missouri Licensed Massage Therapist. I want to welcome you to Your Massage Project, to provide you with a special time in which you can have healing and inner peace.

The energy connection between massage therapist and massage client can bring profoundly healing effects into fruition.

It seems to me that bodywork is most effective if the massage therapist and the recipient are both attentive, each to his/her own presence as often as possible, during the massage. All you have to do is listen to your breath, let it deepen, and let it slow down.

 The achievement of your aim for the session, e.g. pain relief, improved muscle tone, relaxation, improved mobility, and many other benefits of massage will be guaranteed  when I keep some of my attention on my breath and presence, while you focus on your breathing and relaxation.

Please see the following pages "about the Practitioner", for more detaied information...

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