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On Integrated Massage and Energy Work

On Integrated Massage and  Energy Work

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What is Integrated Massage and Energy Work?

Here are some definitions of Energy Work that I've written for you, in the hope that you will  gain a better idea of how I combine Massage with the three forms of Energy Work in which I have the most education and skill.

Energy Work is the transmission of healing energy, facilitated by the practitioner/ therapist, to the client through energy centers and pathways in the body.

The Energy Centers, which consist of nerve plexuses, major organs, and electromagnetic energy are known as Chakras and/or Dan Tien, deriving from Indian and Chinese traditional medicine, respectively. Both Indian and Chinese Traditional Medical Systems teach that the Chakras are more than physical entities, acting as energy reservoirs for both the physical body and the electromagnetic field.

The Energy Pathways, which consist of nervous tissue, lymphatic tissue and electromagnetic pathways following the above, connect major organ systems and are known as Meridians in Chinese and Japanese traditional medicine. Meridian based medical systems teach us that when points along these pathways are pressed, massaged or stimulated by stretches, one's health is enhanced and stress is relieved.

Fascia is a matrix of connective tissue which supports every muscle and nerve fiber in the body. Fascia is very susceptible to physical and emotional stress.

 Myofascial Release is release of fascia through a specific form of massage. Myofascial Release is energy work, in that the therapist psychically and physically connects to the client's fascia. and very slowly and gently releases the stressed fascia with light pressure, only working to the depth that the client's body allows the therapist to access. Myofascial Release works well to allow deeper massage work to follow from it.

Reiki was brought to us from Japan in the 1920's, by the legendary Dr. Mikao Usui. Reiki is a form of energy transmission which balances the flow of health-giving energy between the Chakras thereby bringing inner peace, and restoring health according to the body’s own ability to heal. I will allow my hands to hover over your Chakras, or lightly rest on your body, according to your preference. I usually combine Reiki with massage, however, I can give a Reiki treatment on its own when massage is contraindicated as in the first trimester of pregnancy or when a client is undergoing chemotherapy.

Pranic Healing is a system of energy healing primarily concerned with clearing the electromagnetic field, known as the Aura, and balancing the energy of the Chakras. Pranic Healing was brought to the West from the Phillipines by Master Choa Kok Sui, who synthesized several ancient healing modalities in teaching this system, which is based on the idea that the Aura is a template for the body, and that the health of the Aura maintains the health of the body. You will see and/or sense my hands sweeping away negative energy, then stabilizing healing energy, generally 6  - 8 inches from your body. Pranic healing can stand alone in a pure energy work session, or it can be given as part of a massage session.

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