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About the Practitioner

Roisin Halfar, RN, Missouri Licensed Massage Therapist, License No. 2007030841 

Nationally Certified Massage Therapist, Certification No. 561701-08

Graduate: Healing Arts Center, St. Louis, Mo. June, 2008

Massage effects the body, mind and feelings of the person receiving a massage. The connection between the Massage Therapist and Recipient is both physical and extra-physical, making a massage session  a participatory event for both people. It is more than just me, pushing and kneading your soft tissue therapeutically.

To paraphrase myself from the introductory page,

  It seems to me that bodywork is most effective if the massage therapist and the recipient are both attentive, each to his/her own presence,  as far as possible, moment by  moment during  the massage.

 My practice includes the following techniques:

  •   Swedish Massage,  the groundwork, taught to most Licensed Massage Therapists in the West,  today, connects the various modalities, or stands alone.
  •  Myofascial Release is my favorite technique, in which I have the most education. It is a slow and profound modality which can be a stand alone treatment or integrated into a traditional massage.
  • Deep Tissue and  Deep Touch, both related to Myofascial Release,  for specific areas requiring deeper work.
  • Ortho-Bionomy school of body- work - a resource from which I use a few positioning techniques to allow your body to realign itself, a non-invasive process
  • Acupressure,  which together with massage effectively relieves pain and tension.
  • Reiki and/or Pranic Healing* can be integrated into a massage, or used as stand alone modalities, according to your preference.

 If your preference in body- work is for pain relief, improved flexibility and relaxation achieved through my favorite techniques, which are executed 

Mindfully, With Your Body's Permission,

I will be delighted to work with you!

*Please see my pages "On Integrated Massage  and Energy Work" if you are not familiar with these alternative healthcare modalities.

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